Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedding: Karrie and Richard

Oh happy day! I cried during this ceremony. They are so in love! There are so many beautiful pictures to share and so little time for uploading:) It was a fantastic day on the 16th nice and hot, and the ceremony was beautiful! I love when people get married in a place that has meaning to them, this was at Karrie's parents yard, which is a beautiful place, they have lots of nice flowers and the sky was awesome.

I had so much fun photographing all the little guys, by the time we got around to doing family pictures of Karrie, Richard and baby, he was all tuckered out, so we had to improvise, I think it turned out adorable.

Congratulations Karrie and Richard!

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Kelli said...

Jackie, these pictures are absolutely amazing, really breathtaking!