Friday, August 22, 2008

New Born: Sadie

This is Dalyce's new cousin Sadie. What a pleasure it was meeting these guys, I think I stayed too long for my baby's liking. But I had a really good time chatting with Sadie's parents. Sadie is super long just like Dalyce was when she was littler. It will be fun to see this little girl grow up, just as it has been fun to see Dalyce. And always fun to hear their Grandma's joy from the pictures afterwards:)


Heather said...

Jackie you are truly the most amazing photographer, and not only that but person as well. You have brought so many special moments, captured times that have created memories and have made the heart of the Grandma the proudest ever. Not only with Dalyce but now with Dal & Mel and new baby Sadie this pictures are amazing, you are a star in every way possible. We love Jackie Hutch!!!!!!

Jackie Hutch said...

Thank-you so much Heather, this is why I do what I do:)