Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The House That Rob Built: Family Session

You don't see it here, but this session was at the most beautiful log home that Rob, the guy with the beard, and the family helped build. It is a totally gorgeous location! Their daughter had her wedding there as well. I asked Rob how he knew how to do all of it without Google. Can you believe he read a few books to figure it out?

There were so many awesome places to take pictures, I was smiling on the way home:) What a great family, and so much fun to photograph! I got invited to stay longer, because apparently no one tells Rob what to do, but I did. Sometimes I love that about my job, bossing people around, and they actually do it. I've only had one guy say "no", I guess I crossed his line.

What a great bunch:) Thanks Janette and everyone for having me out, I really had a great time chatting with you all.

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