Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Schwalbe's :)

So, yes I'm back in town and I have a session to share from a month ago. These guys have waited ever so patiently while I went to Vegas, with their session posted with no password. But I love the pictures, so I hope it was worth the wait. Here are a few from their session, we went to the Omniplex to start to shoot in the fall foliage and also to a back alley to get some "urban" scenery also known as the "ghetto". Thanks Christa and family for hiring me, it was super fun!

Friday, October 17, 2008

J May Fam

This will be the last post till the end of October. Glen is competing again in the World Long Drive Competition for his second time in Mesquite, Nevada, which is 1 hour from Vegas baby! So I'm hoping to hit up Vegas a couple of times to go shopping. Should be fun. Here are some sneak peaks for you Jenna, before I leave for two weeks.
If you want to hear a heart wrenching story, this little guy was in open heart surgery 3 weeks before I took his picture. What an amazing little trooper! Jaxon is a brave little man that is for sure. He braved the cold more than I did I think. I thought for sure we'd have to shut it down and go inside when to my surprise, Jaxon sucked it up and let me photograph him like a champ! I had such a great time, these guys were up for anything, and even thought to bring Jared's sweet hot rod for some shots.

I thought I would share the email that Jenna sent me after the session, it really made my day:

"We had the best time with you on Sunday. It was such a wonderful experience. We both felt so comfortable with you and that always is a huge thing when you are getting your photos taken. Your an amazing photographer and really put your soul into your work. I could tell that once you spent that couple hours with us. All the best I will be checking out your blog I love seeing the new ideas that come about."
-Jenna May

Thanks Jenna, I had so much fun too! I love it when people are up for being creative!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Baby Girl

I can't believe I just about forgot to post some from this session. I was just so quick getting the proofs ready for her, that I didn't blog anything from it. We ended up staying inside for most of this session, it was chilly outside for pictures. I'm always so happy when mom's can be talked in to being in a few of the pictures, it's just so fun to see the baby light up with mom, and mom's hardly ever get pictures of themselves with their babies, because typically mom's are the one's taking the pictures. So, if you have a session with me in the future, be prepared for me to ask you if I can photograph you as well:) Thanks Jen, your daughter is a total darling!

Karach Family

It just dawned on me this morning while getting these ready for my blog, that these little kids are blonde blonde while their parents are brunettes. Interesting, and then their Grandma is Blonde blonde too. So cute! Thanks to the whole family for purchasing a gift certificate, what a great gift;) It was so nice meeting you all, thanks for having me photograph you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Brother and Sister Challenge

It's always a challenge to get a toddler to sit with an older sibling, I suppose even harder with a younger sibling. With an older one though, you risk them giving up and their smile "hurts" after a while. I think I managed to sneak a few from these two cuties. This little guy sure is model material, and loves to show off his beautiful smile:) They're both way too cute, and can get away with anything! Thanks Tanis and your mother for giving Tracy this gift. It was a pleasure meeting you Tracy and I hope that you love these pictures as much as I do.

Ward Family

What a cute little boy and cute mom & dad too. It was so cold out the morning of this session, that we only got about 40 minutes to photograph. We focused more on getting a really cool family shot, and just a few of the little guy by himself, he was a real trooper. Thank-you Krista for having me do your family portraits! It was so much fun visiting with you guys and meeting Casen.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Winter Family: Halalujah!

I sing praises to Jen Winter because she is the one who helped my business take off. She encouraged me to start my business and also sent me tons of referrals. I can't thank her enough! So here are the sneak peaks she's been waiting so patiently for. Thanks For having me photograph your wonderful family Jen and Chris. The kiddos were super fun, although a challenge, so cute, I couldn't not post one of your little guy and the ladybug. Finding a lady bug is a good way to get toddlers to stop for two seconds, and this little guy kept getting the shivers thinking it was on him when it wasn't. I don't think that his dad telling him it's going to eat him had anything to do with it:)

Smile for mom:)

I don't know if you can tell in these pictures, but these girls kept smiling for their mom, but not for me. As I was sorting through the pictures, they'd be looking away from the lens smiling and every time they are looking right at the camera, they have the most non-expressive look on their faces. I thought I was funny, but apparently these two don't think so. They only smile for their mom and dad, or actually if their mom or dad is holding them. It's always a pleasure to photograph these two little beautiful queens:) Thanks Tina for having me again!