Monday, August 4, 2008

Emerson: The Three and a Half Month Baby Girl:)

I'm really surprised at how much babies are alike within the first year of their lives. They have the same mannerisms. I used to think it was silly that people would tell me the exact age of their child to the week. But now that I have my own children, I understand, and sometimes I want to know exactly how old kids are by their birth date just out of curiousity.

Little Emerson, like most 3 month babies, is sooo smiley in the morning first thing when she wakes up. So I got there a few minutes before she woke up so I could easily capture those toothless smiles for mom. I personally love the ones with less smile more eyes, but I know why moms love the smiles, because there's something so amazing about a new baby smiling and you never want to forget those precious moments:)

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