Wednesday, July 9, 2008


This little guy is cute overload! He must get his cuteness from his mom, because she's super cute too.

So I got lost on my way to the session. I'm the worst at writing down directions. Either way I managed to find the place. They live in an area I've never been to, and it is actually a beautiful drive and they have some really nice land, that hopefully will turn into a fun place for the family to dirt bike on.

You can never predict what these little guys are going to do during a session, Tucker decided to have a nap during, and so we let him sleep and we got to chat. Then I continued on with his session once he awoke and he was somewhat refreshed.

I can't wait to see these printed, and I can't wait to see Tucker again for another session!

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Salwa said...

I like your blog Jackie, that was fun to look at.. this little guy is my favorite! He is just too cute.