Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dalyce Turns Two

This session was so much fun! We met at my house and then drove around to several different locations which worked well for Dalyce because she is very busy, and loves to go go go! She's not your typical little girl. We even went to the Brick to ride the pony and then near the tennis courts to what turned out to be a very cute spontaneous family picture. This girl has some of the cutest outfits I've ever seen and everytime they come, dad's always complaining about the wardrobe change. He secretly loves how cute she looks in every outfit though!
Oh and I can't forget their dog Flea, who also had his debut because Lorne is thinking of getting his face tattooed on him, so I got a shot for that too, probably not the one seen here.

I forgot to bring a water bottle, so we went to the Dairy King for a break, and her dad bought us all drinks, which by the way were very tasty! Thanks for the fun session Shay, Lorne and Dalyce!

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Shay said...

Jackie you capture such great moments! Thank you for all of your ideas and patients with our busy little girl and all of the wardrobe changes!! We are so lucky to have you as "our" photographer..and now friend! Thanks for all of your hard work.