Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Shooter for Dan Wood

I got to help out Dan for a wedding he had in January. It was nice to be able to repay him the favor for helping me out when I was 8 and a half months pregnant and shooting a wedding last year. He came along to help me in case I needed a break or if I went into labor early. For this particular wedding, I mostly took pictures of the bride getting ready, and was there to help out for the rest of the day doing things like helping with details in the posing etc. It turned out to be a wickedly windy day, and super cold to boot, so we got to be inside at Dan's studio that he uses for harsh weather as a back-up plan, which I must say is nice to have. Here are some of the pictures that I grabbed. Note: The Getting Ready Image-- Brides always do this:) It's a guarantee and with a serious face, I think it's priceless!

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