Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Sabine: 2 months

I'm a bad Auntie, I didn't introduce my new niece when she was first born. I can't believe I'm actually an Aunt to a beautiful baby girl. She's so gorgeous, I miss her so much when I think about her, it's weird considering I have three kids to tend to 24/7. She's already 3 months old and I just want to photograph her all the time it's so sad that they live so far away. Soon they will be moving from Saskatoon to Calgary which I'm sure the whole family is looking forward to.

Here are some pictures from her two month session at her Grammie's house in Calgary.

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Dave, Kristi & Tristan Pfeiffer said...

She's so beautiful Jackie! I love the one of her and the boys, they're all so cute.