Friday, October 17, 2008

J May Fam

This will be the last post till the end of October. Glen is competing again in the World Long Drive Competition for his second time in Mesquite, Nevada, which is 1 hour from Vegas baby! So I'm hoping to hit up Vegas a couple of times to go shopping. Should be fun. Here are some sneak peaks for you Jenna, before I leave for two weeks.
If you want to hear a heart wrenching story, this little guy was in open heart surgery 3 weeks before I took his picture. What an amazing little trooper! Jaxon is a brave little man that is for sure. He braved the cold more than I did I think. I thought for sure we'd have to shut it down and go inside when to my surprise, Jaxon sucked it up and let me photograph him like a champ! I had such a great time, these guys were up for anything, and even thought to bring Jared's sweet hot rod for some shots.

I thought I would share the email that Jenna sent me after the session, it really made my day:

"We had the best time with you on Sunday. It was such a wonderful experience. We both felt so comfortable with you and that always is a huge thing when you are getting your photos taken. Your an amazing photographer and really put your soul into your work. I could tell that once you spent that couple hours with us. All the best I will be checking out your blog I love seeing the new ideas that come about."
-Jenna May

Thanks Jenna, I had so much fun too! I love it when people are up for being creative!

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