Monday, October 13, 2008

Brother and Sister Challenge

It's always a challenge to get a toddler to sit with an older sibling, I suppose even harder with a younger sibling. With an older one though, you risk them giving up and their smile "hurts" after a while. I think I managed to sneak a few from these two cuties. This little guy sure is model material, and loves to show off his beautiful smile:) They're both way too cute, and can get away with anything! Thanks Tanis and your mother for giving Tracy this gift. It was a pleasure meeting you Tracy and I hope that you love these pictures as much as I do.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh Jackie!!!...I absolutely love these pictures, you did an amazing job!!

Thank-you so much for you nice comments about my kids :)

I felt very proud, looking at these pictures...and, I hope, every time your editing and going through your pictures, you feel just as proud.

It was very nice meeting you as well, and you will be hearing from me again!

Thank-you for creating these special pictures of my kids :)